Help us be a permanent member

We recently got accepted into Globalgiving, a wonderful crowdfunding site. But we need to raise USD5,000 from 40 donors to secure a permanent spot. This will help us reach out to more supporters and help more people through this platform. Help us reach our goal today. Campaign ends 29 September.

The money raised from this campaign will go towards our project in Can Tho, Vietnam. In Vietnam, eye conditions such as strabismus (misaligned eyes) and ptosis (droopy eyelids) are not covered under health insurance and many children do not get the treatment that they need. 

We have already improved infrastructure, purchased equipment and trained doctors, nurses, community workers and teachers. But we need funds to carry out the surgeries. Please help us give children in Can Tho city and Cau Mau province a brighter future.


For just USD1 a day, your gift will give babies like Tien clear sight and a chance to grow up seeing his parents’ faces. A life where he can go to school to learn and play with his friends. You can give children like Tien a chance to participate in a vibrant community, and ultimately, a brighter future. 

USD30 can sponsor laser treatment to one baby with ROP.

Please share this with your friends and get them to donate just USD30 – USD1 for each day of September. We need to raise USD5,000 (SGD6,800) from 40 donors to get a permanent spot on Global Giving, a wonderful crowdfunding platform. The charities with the most number of donors and the highest amount of donations during this campaign will also get an additional USD1,000 each.

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