Orbis Mass Blindfold Lunch 2019

Date Saturday 16th November, 2019
Time 1030AM - 2PM
Location SCAPE The Ground Theatre

Orbis Singapore held a mass blindfold lunch to raise awareness of the challenges facing people with visual impairment and how we can lend a helping hand to make their lives better.

Participants were blindfolded before walking in groups of 10 to the lunch hall where they had a bento meal in darkness. A Dialogue in the Dark Singapore Visually Impaired guide was assigned to each table and the guides shared their stories of living with visual impairment with the guests.

Before entering the theatre

We would like to congratulate the 3 lucky participants for bringing home these fantastic prizes: $100 Como Dempsey Vouchers (x3).

Participants were also treated to free eye screening by optometrists from The Singapore National Eye Centre. They had fun with the simulation games and learned eye care tips from the volunteers of the Essilor Vision Foundation.

The head and shoulders massage was very popular with participants. What a great job our friends from the Singapore Association of the Visually Hadicapped did for our participants! They had their tight muscles relieved and gave donations to SAVH.

It was a fun and meaningful event for participants to experience a fraction of the daily challenges of those living without their sight. Orbis would like to thank all our partners, especially Dialogue in the Dark Singapore, for making the event a success.

Thank you Poh Foong for being such a wonderful emcee for the day!

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