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A BIG thank you to nearly 1,000 racers across the world for your effort in raising awareness of and funds for blindness prevention. Congratulations to 485 racers who had accomplished the challenge for the Orbis Race4Sight 2021, the 40-day Challenge to Run 100km or Cycle 500km from 3 Sep to 13 Oct 2021!

What Is Race4Sight?

Race4Sight is our first-ever virtual race to raise funds for and awareness of avoidable blindness​, where anyone can have the flexibility to run 100km or cycle 500km anytime and anywhere over a 40-day period from 3 Sep to 13 Oct 2021 in the run-up to World Sight Day.

We are thrilled to welcome nearly 1,000 racers across the world, including 600+ employees from 9 corporate sponsors and 300+ attendees from the general public.

  • Receive Welcome Email and Racer ID: 1 Aug - 20 Aug
  • Receive Welcome Pack: 25 Aug - 3 Sep
  • Grand Opening Flag Off: 3 Sep, 7AM SG Time
  • Weekly Records Submission: Every Friday by 11:59PM SG Time (starts on 10 Sep)
  • Weekly Leaderboard: Every Monday (starts on 13 Sep)
  • Finish Line: 13 Oct, 11:59PM SG Time
  • Final Records Submission Deadline: 15 Oct, 11:59PM SG Time
  • Final Leaderboard: 20 Oct
  • Closing Ceremony: 16 Dec, 5:00 - 5:30PM SG Time

*Race4Sight officially closed on 13 Oct.

Closing Ceremony

All the racers and Orbis supporters are welcome to join the Jebsen & Jessen-Orbis Race4Sight 2021 Virtual Closing Ceremony, which will be held via Zoom at 5PM on 16 December 2021 (SG time, GMT+8).

The Race4Sight was a great success, thanks to everyone's support and contribution! Nearly 1,000 Racers all over the world reached the finished line on 13 October, a day before World Sight Day and enabled Orbis to continue our sight-saving work globally.

During the 40-day challenge, 485 Racers accomplished the challenge to run 100KM or cycle 500KM. Our amazing 1,000 Racers globally achieved an accumulated distance of 105,539KM run and 75,092KM cycled​, ​ which is 4.5 times the earth's circumference!

At the closing ceremony, we would love to share with you precious moments and heartwarming stories that happened during the Race.

Time: 5:00 – 5:30PM, 16 December 2021 (SG time, GMT+8)

Location: Zoom (Meeting ID: 553 965 3407 & Passcode: 224567)


  • 5:00 – 5:05, Welcome by Orbis and Jebsen & Jessen
  • 5:05 – 5:10, Presentation of token of appreciation to Jebsen & Jessen and a word of thanks from Heinrich from Jebsen & Jessen
  • 5:10 – 5:15, Word of Appreciation by Bellinger
  • 5:15 – 5:20, Word of Appreciation by AerCap
  • 5:20 – 5:25, Word of Appreciation by the Individual Winner, and slides show of event highlights
  • 5:25 – 5:30, Closing – Orbis shares vision for the next year

Contact [email protected] if you have any questions.

Final Leaderboard

Announcing the long-awaited Sight Hero Awards winners! On the Runner-Up spot in the Corporate Category, we have AerCap, and in the first place, we have Jebsen & Jessen.

In the Individual Category, well done Raymond Fong (Racer ID: 12098) for clinching the Runner-up prize. The Grand Prize goes to Connie (Racer ID: 12042) for completing the converted distance of 8,141 km! What an impressive record.

Last but not least, the Grand and Runner-Up prizes in the Most Funds Raised Category go to Traverse and Taweesak of Jebsen & Jessen respectively.

A BIG thank you to all participants for your effort in raising awareness of and funds for blindness prevention. Join us on our social media to congratulate these winners. We will contact the winners soon.

We are so proud to present you the final leaderboard:

full leaderboard

Click here

*Converted distance = Run and Walk distance*5 + Cycle distance

*Racers are considered to have accomplished the Race4Sight challenge once your converted distance reach 500km. This is the combined results of your walking, running and cycling activities.

*For Corporate Racers, your company will donate extra SGD1 to Orbis for every extra 5km (converted distance) you achieve.

*The Most Funds Raised Category has been shifted from the Individual to Corporate Category.

*Please email [email protected] if you have any questions regarding the leaderboard (include your Racer ID in the email title).

Race4Sight 2021 Highlight

Sponsors and Partners

Frequently Asked Questions

What apps can I use?

We recommend you to use any of the six apps: Adidas Runtastic, Apple Watch Activity, Map My Run, Nike + Run Club, Strava, and Runkeeper.

What details should be shown in my records?

Screenshots of the weekly summary showing the date, workout type (run or cycle), and distance. Please refer to samples of the screenshots in HOW TO UPLOAD WORKOUT RECORDS section above.

How often do I upload my records?

Save screenshots of your weekly records on your phone and upload them every Friday.

What is the minimum distance to complete before I upload my records?

There is no minimum distance to upload every Friday.

Where do I upload my records to?

We have set up Dropbox folders named after you. Corporate Sponsors’ employees can find your respective names under your company name and Individual members of the public can find yours under your names.

Can I do a combination or walk, run and cycle?

Yes, you can do any or all 3 activities. However, the workout type must be shown on the records for our calculating.

Can I run on the treadmill?

We strongly encourage participants to enjoy outdoors activities, fresh air and nature while you stay safe. If there is a lockdown (and we hope not!) in your country that only permits indoor exercising, please contact Orbis.

How do the Leaderboards look like and when will it be published?

There are two categories of Leaderboards – Corporate Sponsors and Individual Racers. The Weekly Leaderboard will be published every Saturday and will reflect the accumulated distance as of 12 midnight the previous Friday.  

What if I am from a different time zone?

All the cut-off dates and times are in the Singapore Time Zone (GMT+8). Please use the time zone relevant to you. The following are some examples:

Racers from Dublin (GMT+1)

  • Grand Opening Flag Off: 3 Sep, 12AM (3 Sep, 7AM SG Time)
  • Weekly Records Submission: Every Friday by 4:59PM (Every Friday 11:59PM SG Time)
  • Finish Line: 13 Oct, 4:59PM (13 Oct, 11:59PM SG Time)

Racers from New York (GMT-4)

  • Grand Opening Flag Off: 2 Sep, 7PM (3 Sep, 7AM SG Time)
  • Weekly Records Submission: Every Friday by 11:59AM (Every Friday 11:59PM SG Time)
  • Finish Line: 13 October, 11:59AM (13 October, 11:59PM SG Time)

Learn More About Orbis and Race4Sight

What are you racing for?

Globally, 1.1 billion people live with vision loss, and 90 percent of this is avoidable. By wearing our T-shirts to race and posting on social media of your support, you are raising awareness of the importance of eyesight. As a donor, you have contributed to the sight-saving work of Orbis to fight avoidable blindness.

Other FAQ and Race Information

Phone number: +65 8931 3853

Address: Project Orbis International Inc. (Singapore) Ltd ​
352 Tanglin Road, #02-03 S(247671)

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