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A BIG thank you to 500+ racers across the world for your effort in raising awareness of and funds for blindness prevention. Congratulations to 202 racers who had accomplished the challenge for the Orbis Race4Sight 2022, the 40-day Challenge to Run 100km, Cycle 500km, or get 2,500 likes on social media from 3 September to 13 October 2022!

Final Accumulated Leaderboard and Sight Hero Awards

Announcing the long-awaited Final accumulated Leaderboard and Sight Hero Awards!

Congratulations to BOC Aviation who rank #1 on the final accumulated corporate leaderboard together with their amazing 100 corporate racers! Following with our lead sponsor AerCap and leaderboard sponsor Castlelake!

In terms of our Individual Sight Hero Awards, well done FCC (Racer ID: 09048) for ranking #1 on both accumulated highest converted points and furthest distance (walk + run) categories, congratulations to kahkah (Racer ID: 09184) for achieving the furthest distance (cycle), last but not least, Karl Lai (Racer ID: 09172) - our BIGGEST social media star with a total of 10,838 likes!

*Points Calculation: 5 Points = 1km Walk+Run = 5km Cycle = 25 Likes

A BIG thank you to all participants for your effort in raising awareness of and funds for blindness prevention. Join us on our social media to congratulate these winners. We will contact the winners soon.

All Racers can check your records here https://bit.ly/3U1thKX.

If you have any questions, please contact us at [email protected].

Final Accumulated Leaderboard



Inspired by the virtual Orbis Flying Eye Hospital and Cybersight, our first Race4Sight event last year was a huge success thanks to the generous donors and enthusiastic participants. We were thrilled to welcome nearly 1,000 racers across the world, including 600+ employees from 9 corporate sponsors and 300+ attendees from the general public.

Race4Sight 2022 is a virtual event for all to celebrate Orbis's 40 years of saving sight worldwide and open to both corporate employees and public participants to race ANYWHERE and ANYTIME. It also enlarges inclusivity by offering those who are not running or cycling a chance to do something creative on social media so they too can let their talents shine while raising awareness of eyecare across the world.

  • Sponsorship & Racer Registration: Now – 13 October
  • Grand Opening Flag Off: 3 September 2022, 7 AM SG Time
  • 1st Weekly Records Submission: 11 September (Sunday by 11:59 PM SG Time)
  • 1st Weekly Leader board Update: 12 September (Monday)
  • Weekly Records Submission: 11 September – 9 October (Every Sunday by 11:59 PM)
  • Weekly Leader board Update: 12 September – 10 October 2022 (Every Monday)
  • Finish Line: 13 October, 11:59 PM SG Time
  • Final Records Submission Deadline: 15 October 2022, 11:59 PM SG Time
  • Final Leaderboard: 20 October 2022

*Race4Sight 2022 is officially completed!


Celebrating Orbis's 40 Years of Innovation

It was March 1, 1982, when our iconic Flying Eye Hospital took off on its first ever sight-saving project, which all started with the dream of Dr David Paton, an ophthalmologist from Houston, to reach and treat avoidable blindness. Over the four decades since, we have continually harnessed the power of innovation to reach new heights in the fight against avoidable blindness.

Through innovations like our Flying Eye Hospital projects, dedicated country programs and Cybersight, we have been able to ensure a brighter tomorrow for millions and change lives in places where quality eye care is more difficult to access. Our capacity-building programs have enhanced the skills of 325,000 eyecare personnel and provided medical and optical treatment to more than 23.3 million people in 92 countries.

Facts About Myopia in Singapore

Singapore is the Myopia Capital of the World and by 2050, it is projected that 80 to 90 percent of all Singapore adults above 18 years old will be myopic. High myopia puts one at risk of many eye disorders later in life.

There is an urgency to raise awareness amongst school students and the communities in Singapore on the importance of taking care of their eyesight, spending time outdoors, less time on screens and avoiding a sedentary lifestyle.

We have been in discussion with other local eyecare organisations to resume our blindfold activities and talks in schools and the community, organise eye screening and invite our visually impaired ambassadors to share their stories.

You are invited to be part of the solution and help Orbis to raise awareness of myopia in your communities.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What workout recording apps can I use?

Any app as long as the screenshots show the date, workout type (walk, run, or cycle), and distance.

What details should be shown in my records?

Workout screenshots must show the date, workout type (walk, run, or cycle), and distance.

Social media screenshots must show the date, no. of likes, and tags #race4sight #orbisingapore.

When and how often do I upload my records?

Every Sunday by 11:59PM SG time (1st upload on 11 September), submit your weekly records for the past week (Monday-Sunday), together with the screenshots of all workouts and social media likes.

When is the first submission?

The first submission date is 11 September (for all records 3-11 September).

What is the minimum distance to complete for each workout?

There is no minimum distance required. However, we recommend you only submit the workouts more than 1KM.

Where do I upload my records to?

Submit your records via the google form here: https://bit.ly/3Pokno3

Can I do a combination or walk, run and cycle?

Yes, you can do any or all 3 workouts. However, the workout type must be shown on the records for our calculating.

Can I run on the treadmill?

We strongly encourage participants to enjoy outdoor activities, fresh air, and nature.

However, the treadmill records are acceptable as long as it shows the date, workout type (walk, run, or cycle), and distance.

How do the Leaderboards look like and when will it be published?

The Weekly Leaderboard will be published every Monday on this web page and Orbis social media platforms.

You can click here to see last year's full leaderboard on google sheet for your reference: https://bit.ly/3OiC7je

What if I am from a different time zone?

All the cut-off dates and times are in the Singapore Time Zone (GMT+8). Please use the time zone relevant to you. The following are some examples:

Racers from Dublin (GMT+1)

  • Grand Opening Flag Off: 3 September, 12AM (3 September, 7AM SG Time)
  • Weekly Records Submission: Every Sunday by 4:59PM (Every Sunday 11:59PM SG Time)
  • Finish Line: 13 Oct, 4:59PM (13 October, 11:59PM SG Time)

Racers from New York (GMT-4)

  • Grand Opening Flag Off: 2 September, 7PM (3 September, 7AM SG Time)
  • Weekly Records Submission: Every Sunday by 11:59AM (Every Sunday 11:59PM SG Time)
  • Finish Line: 13 October, 11:59AM (13 October, 11:59PM SG Time)

Race4Sight 2022 Sponsors

Other FAQ and Race Information

Phone number: +65 8931 3853 (WhatsApp)

Address: Project Orbis International Inc. (Singapore) Ltd ​
352 Tanglin Road, #02-03 S(247671)

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