The Flying Eye Hospital and the Flying Eye Hospital on a goodwill tour in 2017

Become a Corporate Partner

Orbis is grateful to our corporate partners for their support.

This support means the world to those whose lives have been affected by severe visual impairment or blindness.

These contributions range from major multi-year cash grants to critically needed gifts-in-kind for Orbis medical training programs.

Orbis corporate partners visibly share our long-term commitment to ending avoidable blindness throughout the world.

Workplace Giving

Orbis appreciates your commitment to end avoidable blindness. We welcome sponsorships, fundraising campaigns and other donation methods.

Companies can organise fun and meaningful activities to promote team spirit and do good at the same time.

Please click here to read more about our Corporate Engagement initiatives.

CSR Staff Engagement: Blindfold Lunch

Orbis organises Blindfold Lunches to let people know about the challenges of visual impairment. Without vision, even something as simple as having a meal becomes a challenge. Blindfold lunches are a great way to engage staff and raise awareness of visual impairment.

Corporate partners have sponsored and volunteered at our Blindfold Lunches in schools. Companies have also organised blindfold lunches for their staff as part of their Corporate Social Responsibility initiatives.

Previous corporate partners include: Bloomberg, GE Aviation, FedEx and Standard Chartered Bank.

Program Sponsorship

Orbis in Singapore is thankful for wonderful corporate partners who have contributed financially to the running and expansion of our program work in Asia.

In Asia, Orbis has long-term programs in Bangladesh, China, India, Mongolia and Vietnam ready to partner with you. Our Flying Eye Hospital also visits other Asian countries and these programs are also available for sponsorship and partnership.

For information on how to become a corporate partner, please contact:

Elaine Woon

Director of Development, Singapore

Phone number: +65 6479 5875