Eye Care for the Rohingya

Orbis has recently started a project to integrate eye health care project with Humanitarian Emergency Response in Bangladesh focusing on the Rohingya population, Forcibly Displaced Myanmar Nationals (FDMN) and host communities of Cox’s Bazar.

What's Happening in Myanmar and Bangladesh?

Many ethnic Rohingya Myanmar nationals are forcibly displaced after their villages are burned down by the local military and citizens, after their friends and family were killed or raped.

It is estimated that 626,000 refugees have fled to Bangladesh from August to December 2017.

The United Nations term this as the fastest growing refugee crisis in the world and the concentration of refugees in Cox’s Bazar is now amongst the densest in the world.

The State of Blindness in the Rohingya

Orbis visited the refugee sites at Cox's Bazaar, Bangladesh and had meetings with many International Organisations and Non-Governmental Organisations.

At a preliminary screening of just 461 FDMNs, we found that 100 of them were blind from cataracts. 

295 patients received medicine and refraction was done for 111 people including 10 children. Glasses were provided on the spot to 25 adults. 

At the end of the screening 39 adult cataract patients were brought to our partner hospital at Cox’s Bazaar for surgery.

Living without their eyesight, especially during this crisis, leaves them vulnerable.

Orbis hopes to provide surgery and spectacles to these individuals and many more Rohingyas. Cataract can be easily removed with a quick and low-cost surgery. 

With clear vision, they will be able to gain independence and will be undoubtedly useful if they ever need to make any more crossings. 

It is reported that there are no eye care facilities for Rohingyas in Myanmar. Hence, Orbis will provide free eye care service to the Rohingya, as soon as possible. 

With your support, we can give these individuals their independence and a new lease of life. 

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Orbis's Contribution

Under the project, free eye screening will be conducted on 50,000 people, medicine and spectacles provided to 8,000 children and adults, surgical treatment offered to 870 children and adults. 

Orbis will also provide skill development training to around 250 frontline health workers and ophthalmic personnel in the first year of the project. 

We will establish vision centres outside the camp for the host community in Moheskhali and Chakaria, Southeast Bangladesh. A mobile unit will work at camp areas to conduct primary screening of children and adults in the temporary camps at Ukhia and Teknaf.

We will address both emergency eye care needs of Rohingya people and service gaps exist in the host communities of Cox’s Bazar district.

Help them regain their eyesight

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