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Help babies in Bangladesh see the blue sky.

Imagine growing up not knowing what a smile looks like, not knowing how blue the sky is. Sadly, this is the case for babies who are permanently blinded by Retinopathy of Prematurity, an emerging eye condition that affects premature and low birth weight babies.

Our friends at GlobalGiving is generously matching your first monthly donation from 28 November till 31 December 2017!

If your monthly donation is active for three months, GlobalGiving will donate one month of your donation to us.

This means that if you start a monthly donation of USD25 to our campaign, GlobalGiving will give us an additional USD25. 


For less than USD1 a day, your gift will give babies clear sight and a chance to grow up seeing their parents’ faces. A life where they can go to school to learn and play with his friends. You can give children a chance to participate in a vibrant community, and ultimately, a brighter future.

Orbis has already established Bangladesh's first ROP screening and treatment service centre and provided training, equipment and refurbishment to partners in Dhaka. We plan to expand this project to other regions of Bangladesh to reach more babies in need of eye care services. We will continue to educate neonatal teams on ROP, train surgeons, provide equipment, and raise awareness of ROP. Trained medical teams of our partners will continue to provide ROP screening and treatment.

The funds raised from this campaign will:

  • Develop capacity of Ispahani Islamia Eye Institute and Hospital as a ROP screening and treatment service center.
  • Renovate patients’ waiting area and examination room of the existing facility for the provision of ROP care and services at the Ispahani Islamia Eye Institute and Hospital.
  • Introduce and institutionalize high clinical and quality standards for screening and treating neonates at risk of developing ROP or suffering from ROP. 
  • Train doctors in ROP screening, diagnosis and treatment, train nurses in counseling, orientate ophthalmic personnel in ROP care and services.
  • Organise media campaigns to educate parents on ROP.

Stop a baby from living his entire life in darkness

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