Help Children See and Learn Better

When children can see clearly again, they learn better in class. They can help out with housework and play with their friends.

Restoring sight ensures that all children have a happy childhood and equal opportunity to learn and participate in a strong, vibrant society.

Millions of children are needlessly visually impaired - just because they can't access the care they need. Sometimes, all they need is a simple pair of glasses costing SGD15.

Contribute to our children's future

Give today

Funds raised from this campaign will go towards our children's programs around the world. We can conduct school screening programs, educate children and their parents, train teachers to identify students with vision problems, train doctors and nurses to perform new surgical techniques and many more.

We focus on building the capacity of our partner hospitals through training, facilities and infrastructure. We ensure that the communities they serve have access to sustainable, quality eye care service even after our project has ended.

With your support, we can run and expand our programs to help children see again so that they can lead a meaningful life.