Empowering Women to Save Sight

​Orbis is training and inspiring local women in rural Bangladesh to save sight in their communities. We invest in the development and skills of women because we believe in the rights and potential of women in Bangladesh, Asia and around the world. We support gender equality and stand behind women and girls.

Bringing women-run vision centres to the doorstep of the community also helps us reach out to more women who do not have the ability to travel far to the city for eye checks or treatment.

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Women in rural Bangladesh are traditionally expected to stay at home. Many of them aspire to further their studies but financial constraints and cultural norms stop them from doing so. Women also face barriers in receiving eye care services - lack of family support due to a lower status, the need to have a male relative accompany them on the journey to the hospital and the lack of authority to make health and financial decisions for themselves.

Orbis is trying to change this by setting up a women-run vision centre at the doorsteps of the rural community.

Training women gives them on-the-job skills, independence and confidence. Bringing a women-run vision centre to the doorsteps of rural Bangladesh encourage local women to have their eyes checked and treated. With clear vision, they can study or work better, take care of their families better and live to their full potential.

The vision centre that you will be supporting will have female vision technicians, ophthalmic assistants and opticians to run the centre; provide services to the locals in the community, making sure that girls and women have access to eye care services; subsidise treatments including spectacles and surgeries; train community workers and teachers to spread eye care messages; tele-consultation services with a partner hospital in the city and more.

This project empowers women through job creation and training, increasing their financial independence and reminding them that they are capable of so much more. When female patients visit women-run vision centres, they will also be inspired and encouraged to be financially independent and take small steps to improve their status. With clear vision, they are able to take care of themselves and their families, and have a job which can improve their status and authority within the household.

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If you would like to contribute to the development of women via other means (bank transfer, cheque and more), please contact Elaine.

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