Unveiling new technology on board the Flying Eye Hospital

April 2018

A brand new simulation center and training program on board the Flying Eye Hospital - thanks to our newest Global Corporae Sponsor UTC Aerospace Systems.

We have entered week two of our Flying Eye Hospital program in Trujillo, Peru. It’s been an eventful and fulfilling partnership with Instituto Regional de Oftalmología (IRO) helping train and share skills with some truly inspirational people. 

Our team of Volunteer Faculty members has been working round the clock to provide training to local eye teams.

For the first time, they have been using state-of-the-art simulation technology to increase the opportunities available to local doctors. 

Thanks to the generous support of UTC Aerospace Systems, we have created a brand new simulation center and training program which combines the latest in simulation technology, virtual reality, and scientific, surgical and medical knowledge. 

Orbis Peru 6 Bugbee

The UTC Aerospace Systems supported simulation center

This new program allows local ophthalmology teams to learn complex skills in a controlled environment before operating on a patient and breaks down a complex surgery into smaller parts allowing local doctors to focus on a certain skill—something you can’t do with a human eye.

Simulation training has been used in the aviation sector for over 40 years, and in our quest to  use the latest advancements in technology to help change the way the world sees, we teamed up with UTC Aerospace to draw on their years of experience in the field. 

Orbis Peru 07 Bugbee

Oculoplastics and mobile simulation on board the Flying Eye Hospital

As a company of Ideas Born to Fly, UTC Aerospace Systems can't imagine anything more important than equipping the world’s only flying eye hospital with the latest in simulation technology and bringing it to people in need around the world. That’s what started this relationship between us and Orbis—our shared vision to move the world forward to fight avoidable blindness.

Stacey MacNeil

Vice President of Communications, UTC Aerospace Systems.

Orbis Peru 03 Bugbee

Oculoplastics and mobile simulation on board the Flying Eye Hospital

Orbis is moving towards ‘digital first’ and harnessing technology to improve our programs. We are thankful for corporate donors and supporters who help us stay on the technological forefront and maximise our impact to help more medical professionals and patients.