Imagine that you are nine years old. All you want is to spend your days playing with friends outside, riding your bike and exploring your neighborhood. But the world is a strange, dangerous place … because you were born with cataracts. When you can’t see clearly, even walking out your front door is scary.

This was daily life for Dai, a young boy from Vietnam. When he left his house, he was in constant danger of being run over and seriously injured — because he couldn’t see what was coming toward him.

Nine-year-old Dai was born with cataracts in both eyes. For years, his world was a blur. When Dai was outside on his own, he was in danger of being run over by the bicycles or vehicles he couldn’t see. Walking to school by himself was difficult.

Before his cataracts surgery, Dai from Vietnam was unable to explore the riverbanks near his home because he couldn't see

Before his surgery, Dai was unable to explore the riverbanks near his home

So this energetic little boy was forced to stay inside most days, unable to play with friends or explore the riverbanks near his home in Hau Giang Province, Vietnam. But thanks to your generosity, Dai’s life was transformed when he received sight-restoring surgery at the Orbis-supported Can Tho Children’s Hospital.

He wasn’t afraid at all of the surgery,” his mother proudly said, adding that she and her husband would not have been able to get Dai the treatment he needed without Orbis.

She is thrilled at the changes she sees in her son: now, he rides his bike every day, his grades at school have improved and he is much happier. Dai is grateful for your support too. He said smiling: “I am able to see everything clearly!

Dai from Vietnam with his family after undergoing cataracts surgery

Dai and his family are so delighted he can see clearly again

With the support of generous donors like you, Orbis has been saving sight in Vietnam since 1996. In 2018 alone, we:

A Crisis Is Coming....

With both a rapidly growing and aging global population, the rate of blindness and visual impairment is on track to triple by 2050. Devastating conditions like cataracts, trachoma, glaucoma, and diabetic retinopathy are destroying the lives of children and adults alike.

We need the continued support of generous people like you in the year ahead to save the vision of as many people as possible — and lay the groundwork to prevent this crisis. With you by our side, we’ll:

  • Train thousands of doctors and eye care professionals
  • Provide free vision screenings, prescription eyeglasses and sight-saving surgeries
  • Restore vision to hundreds of thousands of adults and children
Orbis Monthly Appeal: Many more children in Vietnam like Dai need help to see

Dai is one of the lucky ones: in Vietnam, many more children like him need help to see

Together, we’ll turn the tide by training thousands more eye doctors and other health professionals to provide high-quality care in low-income communities around the world.

We’ll fly our one-of-a-kind Flying Eye Hospital into the most remote corners on Earth, to ensure people everywhere have access to the world-class care we all deserve. In 2020, we have Flying Eye Hospital programs scheduled for Cameroon, Mongolia and India.

In countries like Vietnam, we’ll work directly with hospitals to strengthen eye care systems and ensure local children like Dai can receive the treatment they need.

And we’ll harness the power of innovative technology like virtual reality and artificial intelligence to connect with eye health professionals around the globe and improve their training by leaps and bounds.

Make Your Special Gift & Help More Children Like Dai In 2020

We hope Dai's story has inspired you to give the gift of sight to more children in Vietnam and all around the world in 2020.

Global blindness will triple by 2050 unless we ACT NOW. Please show your commitment to restoring vision & fighting an ongoing crisis by making a monthly gift to Orbis.

A big thank you to all our wonderful supporters who help transform lives every day. But we need you now more than ever so we can reach even more people.

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