Vietnam: Truc can look forward to a lifetime of being able to see clearly

Suffering from strabismus in both of her eyes, three-year-old Truc was at risk of losing her sight. But thanks to Orbis supporters and our local partners in Vietnam, she got the sight saving treatment she needed.

When we arrived at Truc’s house in Can Tho, Vietnam, in 2019 we were welcomed by her mother, Trinh, and grandmother who offered us fresh lychee fruit and iced coffee. However, Truc, like most 3-year-olds is more interested in play time.

Despite her strabismus – which, if left untreated, can lead to blindness – Truc is a happy and confident child, who loves drawing, singing, playing with her dolls and taking selfies on her mother’s phone.

Truc takes selfies with her mom and Orbis volunteers

Truc taking a selfie with her mother, Trinh, and Orbis team member, Rhiannon (image taken prior to COVID-19 pandemic in 2019)

Trinh, told us that – thanks to Orbis supporters – Truc already had surgery to correct one of her eyes at the Orbis-supported Can Tho Eye Hospital, which has made a huge difference to their lives. Before she had the surgery, Truc’s eyesight was so poor that she could not properly enjoy everyday things like watching the TV.

Trinh, Truc’s mum

Truc’s eye­sight was so bad that she couldn’t see the cars on the road when she was walk­ing – this was a dan­ger to her life. She was unable to see some­thing as close as the TV.”

Truc loved to draw (picture taken in 2019 prior to COVID-19 pandemic)

When we spoke to Trinh in 2019, Truc was due to have her second surgery at the Orbis-supported Can Tho Eye Hospital, where she had her first procedure. Due to the success of her first surgery the Orbis-trained eye team are confident Truc will regain her full vision.

Being able to get the treatment that Truc needed in her local community meant that her family did not have the added burden and expense of having to travel to an eye hospital in Ho Chi Minh City – and her mother Trinh told us this was a relief for them.

Now, Truc can look forward to a lifetime of being able to see clearly and continue to evolve her passions for drawing, singing, dancing – and maybe even photography.

Truc looks at photographs on the camera taken by the Orbis team

Truc practising her photography (picture taken in 2019 prior to COVID-19 pandemic)

Today, there are around 300,000 adults and 23,000 children in Vietnam who are blind – and further 3 million children with vision impairments. Despite significant advances in the last decade, many children still can’t access the eye care they so desperately need.

Thanks to your support, more children like Truc can access the sight-saving care they need before it’s too late.

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