We advocate for eye health to become a priority with governments and policymakers around the world. By raising awareness of the importance of quality eye care and influencing implementation, we hope to build a world where no one loses their sight simply because of where they were born.

Bringing people together to fight blindness

We build relationships with local and national leaders and policymakers to create strong, actionable policies and urge them to put in place resources that will increase the quality and accessibility of eye care services.

Find out how we're using advocacy to bring people together in the fight against avoidable blindness.

We advocate for a better understanding of the social and economic benefits of a strong, effective, nationwide eye health system – to help ensure any progress made is broad and lasting.

Using evidence, project impact reports, research, effective partnerships with other NGOs and government agencies, and identifying champions to support our efforts, we look to a future where everyone has access to quality eye care.

Advocacy in action

In Bangladesh, Orbis has worked with other eye health NGOs to establish the Bangladesh National Council for the Blind, to support the implementation of the National Eye Health Plan and influence change in human resources and financing for eye health.

In China, Orbis is leading a collaborative effort in the much needed area of residency training, working with the International Council of Ophthalmology and the Chinese Council of Ophthalmology.

In Mongolia, the Minister of Health issued an order for all health personnel working with eye care to use a database developed under an Orbis program.

In Vietnam, Orbis is working in partnership with other NGOs to improve access to eye health services. Orbis leads on advocating for increased health insurance coverage for paediatric eye health surgery, glasses and other vision aids for children, and screening for diabetic patients. 

Join us in making eye health accessible to all

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Flying Eye Hospital

As a tool for advocacy, the Flying Eye Hospital attracts a lot of attention due to its innovative use of technology. Stationed at airports around the world, this larger-than-life plane draws attention to our sightsaving mission.

Orbis utilises each Flying Eye Hospital programs to strengthen our relationship with Ministers of Health and other government officials by showing them the impact and reception of our training programs on the plane.

Media campaigns, ranging from traditional media to social media, are also organised around these programs to publicise our programs and work and to raise awareness of eye health situation in the host country.

A plane like no other, Orbis's Flying Eye Hospital draws attention to our sight-saving work and goal to eliminate avoidable blindness.