School children at Laxman Ganj Village School in Nepal


Nepal’s diverse terrain – ranging from hot and humid in the south to the snow clad Himalayas in the north – has exacerbated the unequal distribution of infrastructure, equipment, and human resources in eye health. As a result, much of the population is left without adequate access to quality eye care services.

Success in Nepal

Prior to Orbis’s intervention, Nepal only had one eye institute with the capacity to provide comprehensive pediatric eye care services. The pediatric services were all located in the Lumbini zone of the country, leaving 13 zones with minimal capacity to treat children.

Orbis is working with two local partners to expand paediatric eye care services across the country. We work with the Tilganga Eye Institute in the capital city, Kathmandu, and Nepal Netra Jyoti Sangh at six eye hospitals across the country, improving access for rural communities to quality eye care services.


The first pediatric ophthalmologist trained in Nepal completed a fellowship at the Lumbini Eye Institute with Orbis’s support.

Since 2010, we have trained 246 primary care physicians on common eye diseases and 12 ophthalmologists have increased their technical capacity.

With Orbis support, over 246,000 children received medical treatment or were prescribed glasses.

Since this project’s inception, over 12,600 pediatric surgeries were performed by the partnering hospitals.