Movie Screening - Blindsight

Tuesday 10th October, 2017

Date Tuesday 10th October, 2017
Location The Projector Singapore

On 10 October 2017, Orbis and supporters celebrated World Sight Day in advance at the Projector. It was a warm and intimate cocktail date-night and a sharing and movie session.

A very special friend - Simon - shared his personal experience living with a visual impairment. He is slowly going blind but when life throws one crisis after another at him, he is not knocked down. He’s going to climb Mount Everest - the world’s highest mountain – and help Orbis through donations and raising awareness.

Simon Greaves, Orbis supporter

"Blindsight", a documentary on the extraordinary journey of six blind Tibetan teenagers climbing a 7,000-metre mountain in the Himalayas, was shown.

In the Tibetan Buddhist culture, blindness is considered a curse and many sneered at these children. Through this incredibly courageous journey, the children overcame physical, mental and emotional challenges.

Thank you friends for coming down and celebrating World Sight Day with us! It was a great catch up and mingling session.

We also received many heartwarming messages after the screening and are glad that we have many passionate supporters working on the same cause - reducing avoidable blindness.

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