Community Outreach

We want to make sure everyone has access to quality eye care, no matter where they live. This is why, in addition to strengthening local hospitals, we work at a community level to ensure even the most remote areas receive the best possible treatment.

Rural populations face a number of challenges - in addition to the majority of health services being located in urban areas, there are very few qualified doctors and nurses on hand. 

It's a common misconception that poor eyesight is a natural condition in life and many do not seek help when their eyesight worsens.

People in rural communities often have to travel hundreds of miles by poor transport networks, and that's if they're lucky enough to have been diagnosed and referred to hospitals in the cities in the first place. 

We are committed to educating communities about eye health. We work with local partners to communicate crucial information about hygiene and good eye care.

We also train teachers and community workers to identify eye conditions so that children and adults alike can get the treatment they need before it's too late.

By empowering local communities with information and access, we can ensure no one loses their sight to a preventable or treatable condition.