Country Programs

While the Flying Eye Hospital is our most iconic tool, most of our program work is done in country, on the ground, alongside local communities and partners.

We work with partners across health services to establish and strengthen existing care and provide the tools and knowledge to help restore vision for generations to come.

See how our country programs help strengthen eye care across all levels of the health system

Our long term country programs involve a wide range of activities that all work together to provide a comprehensive approach to eye care. 

Our training programs are wide-ranging; other than training eye doctors, nurses and biomedical technicians, we also train teachers and community workers to screen and identify eye conditions. 

We also upgrade our partner hospitals' equipment and infrastructure, train their staff in management and quality assurance, and establish and strengthen referral networks from the communities to the hospitals to improve their quality of service. 

From conducting eye camps to screen and educate communities to advocating for eye health to be prioritised within national healthcare policies, we ensure that eye health gets the attention it needs and that communities get the services they need.

In Asia, we have long-term country programs in Bangladesh, Nepal, India, China, Mongolia and Vietnam.

Working alongside partners and local governments we assess the needs of each region to offer a tailored plan to help build capacity and strengthen existing health care. 

Our comprehensive approach looks at the whole health care system to ensure we build a robust eye care legacy that will one day help eliminate avoidable blindness for good. 

With your help our country programs will one day run without our support to reach every person in need.